Who you are


Your name is Ted Ekering.  You are an action figure collector and Japanese animation fan, with a degree in English and Film Studies.  Your hobbies include filmmaking, model making, action figure customizing… and photographing, displaying, transforming, and shopping for new toys!  You work as an English teacher in Okayama, Japan, and you love it there… You’re even married to a wonderful Japanese woman.  You’re the type of guy who does his best to be original and different, even to the point of writing your own Weblog in the second person!

7 Responses to Who you are

  1. Wendy Clapp says:

    Great blog!
    Your Mom & I had a good time together volunteering for the Dragon boat festival by assembling Chinese lanterns for the cancer foundation.
    Hope you are well. Keep up the good creative projects. You are indeed a talented man.

  2. Adrian says:

    Very cool and unique blog!
    If it’s ok would love to link up.
    Continue the great work.

  3. tekering says:

    Welcome to my quickly-expanding links section, Adrian! I look forward to seeing more of your little plastic men. ^_^

  4. Armand says:

    Hey there Ted, name’s Armand. I’m a toy collector from Malaysia. Super collection you got there. Just wondering if it’s cool to link my blog to yours? Thanks!

  5. tekering says:

    You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, Armand! I have a lot more photographs to upload, and promise to do so regularly from now on. Your link is most welcome.

  6. liz from ashcroft formerly from lunenburg says:

    ted – all your brilliance cannot be contained in just a few lines

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