AT-TE: A Ten-Ton Elephant?

Actually no, it’s an All-Terrain Tactical Enforcer, a massive new Star Wars toy from Hasbro’s new Clone Wars line. This one’s so big, I decided I’d have to borrow my wife’s car just so I could get it home from Toys ‘R’ Us!

The AT-TE is a pretty imposing sight, heavily armored and bristling with cannons, although the driver looks a little exposed in the front there. I’d feel much safer in the cockpit of an AT-AT, an AT-ST, or even on a speeder bike…!

It’s too crowded in the toy room to get decent shots of this behemoth, so I brought it down to the living room. I’d love to fill it with Clone Troopers, but (as you can see in the background) all my loose clones are already in the Republic Gunship!

There are two interior sections to the AT-TE, both of which feature gunner stations for each of the projectile-launching cannons. The forward section features four highly detailed stations, from the grating on the floor to the ceiling controls.

The back section features gunner stations for the two rear cannons, as well as weapons racks and space for twelve additional Clone Troopers.

Watch this video demonstration of the sophisticated mechanism that controls the disembarkation ramp, and hear the sound it makes as it automatically lowers. So cool!

As has been the case since the early days of Kenner’s Star Wars playsets, strategically-placed pegs molded into the floors allow for figures to be firmly attached all over the surface, making for some pretty dynamic poses!

In fact, I liked this pose so much I took a few more pictures.

The rear-projected background is just the screensaver my computer happened to be running at the time.

Now, if only I had as many Clone Trooper figures as Hasbro had on display at the San Diego Comicon…!

It’s been a long time since Hasbro released a Star Wars toy this large — larger, in fact, than any released during the twenty years Kenner produced Star Wars toys. It’s not as tall as the Kenner AT-AT or the Imperial Shuttle, nor as long as the Rebel Transport or the Naboo Royal Starship, but it’s bulkier and more sophisticated than any of them.

What’s more, it’s got one important advantage over every other Star Wars playset or vehicle produced at this size, even the new “Legacy Collection” Millennium Falcon: it’s actually to scale with the action figures! Way to go, Hasbro! It’s about time.


10 Responses to AT-TE: A Ten-Ton Elephant?

  1. pagz says:

    Super wicked. In defense of the Falcon however, a scale Falcon would be what? the size of a small car? Clearly sometimes scale has to be sacrificed for playability.

    I keep asking, and I’ll keep asking, How goes your Falcon project? :p

  2. pagz says:

    Didn’t Hasbro also produce a scale x-wing and Tie fighter?

  3. shaun says:

    cool review Ted, thanks!

  4. Adrian says:

    Sweet! Just don’t have the space for this…..

  5. OH crud! i just typed a nice comment and as soon as i submitted it it come up blank! Please tell me it worked properly? I do not want to sumit it again if i do not have to! Either the blog bugged out or i am just stuipd :), the latter doesnt surprise me lol.

  6. Heyhey ! pretty kinda monster !
    Nice close up photos ! we can feel the movement in the perspective !

    I hope one day I’ll find one for my son !
    He’s 9 and crazy about SW action figures. He just has the new scaled Millenium falcon for his birthday (he was bord on christmast day so… it’s like two gifts in one).

    By the way, we started building up our own dioramas, just give a look at our page 🙂

    (comments are welcome)

    May the force be with you !

  7. vonn ivan nacionales says:

    i cant find a at te walker

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  9. I finally found one some time after my post, but we didn’t like the idea of clone wars figures, so we had to find some SAGA COLLECTION clones to get in :

    Better than clone wars figures…
    well now we moved our diorama’s photos to facebook 😉 as you can see :

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