My Star Wars teddy bears

I now have a complete set of adorable Bearbrick Star Wars characters, thanks to my adorable friend Akimi!

Like all Bearbricks, these are plastic action figures of a teddy bear, identical sculpts that differ only in their paint schemes. These 16 have been painted to represent various iconic Star Wars characters, both from the original trilogy and the new films, and some of them are quite inventive in how they reproduce established creatures and robots. I particularly like the upset expression on Chewbacca’s face (front row center), the shiny vacuum-metallized paint job on the C-3PO bear (back row center), and the creative license taken with the R2-D2 paint scheme — not an easy design to apply to a teddy bear! As these are only sold with 500ml bottles of Pepsi NEX, they’re only available in Japanese convenience stores and supermarkets; completing a full set required a lot of running around town (not to mention the cooperation of my friends Kevin, Jason and Akimi). I could’ve simply bought a full set from the secondary collector’s market — an online auction site, for instance — but where’s the fun in that?


2 Responses to My Star Wars teddy bears

  1. Patrick says:

    I managed to get the Darth Maul, Fett, and Yellow Clone trooper, oh and Chewie which I gave to Foley for Christmas. That was about all the Pepsi Nex I could stand. I’m beginning to learn how you get these things; after scouring every Lawson for Boss Rainbow Mountain coffee which the Princess Peach and mini Peach Mario kart pull-back wheelies, I realized that you have to get them all at once. The clue to this was when I saw a Circle K in Gifu that had a display right next to the door highlighting the new Lotus series from Boss. I got all 6 die casts (almost missed out on 1 and 2) which came in two packs. Alas, this lesson came 3 years too late for me to complete my Transformers series; unless I want to delve through the collector shops in Ossu in Nagoya I fear I will never find Starscream or Ironhide..

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