1:6 stragglers

Whoops! In my previous post, I neglected to mention these twelve-inch figures, that don’t fit into my twelve-inch figure display because (despite being a consistent 1:6 scale) they’re a lot more than twelve inches high! Instead, they adorn this upright showcase in the screening room.

The twelve-inch figures that don't fit with the others

First of all, there’s the fantastically large and expensive “Hot Toys” Power Loader with Ripley figure, from James Cameron’s masterpiece Aliens. It’s got built-in lights and hydraulic hoses and more points of articulation than I can count, and despite its considerable size and weight, it’s remarkably well-balanced. It’s also more accurate than even the filming miniature… apart from Ripley’s costume, that is.

Next is a Japanese soft-vinyl figure of H.R. Giger’s “dog alien” from Alien 3, that’s so delightfully creepy and disturbing that my wife actually asked me to remove it from the living room. After some further negotiating, she learned to accept its presence… after all, it’s placement is so aesthetically perfect that even she had to admit it belongs up there.

Finally, perhaps my most popular figure is this highly-detailed Kotobukiya Spider-Man (based on the costume designed for Sam Raimi’s film), hanging securely from the speaker wire that runs down the wall to the surround channels in the back.

He came with a green stand in the shape of a spire to hang from, but as always, I have very little use for stands… And while he’s small enough to fit with all the other 1:6 figures in my living room floor showcase, the dynamic pose lends itself to a much more prominent location for display.


4 Responses to 1:6 stragglers

  1. shaun says:

    the powerloader’s a beauty, nice display.

  2. Adrian says:

    Agree with Shaun. The powerloader is a thing of beauty!

  3. pagz says:

    Love the power loader. Have you seen the new Falcon yet? I wanna see an article about that, and maybe you could talk about your own falcon project at the same time 😉

  4. LEon says:

    You posted your spider-man really good! It can really secure itself with the speaker line alone and maintain it’s balance? It’s not heavy?

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