Photoshop for nerds

After a few hours playing around with this hi-rez image from Battlestar: Galactica in Photoshop, there are now at least twelve verified spaceships included from sci-fi movies and television unrelated to Galactica.

This is one image you’ll definitely need to click on for a larger view (and you may need to prevent your browser from re-sizing the image, too). Can you spot all twelve? Can you IDENTIFY all twelve? Are you an even bigger geek than I am? Are you prepared to admit it, much less prove it? Do I ask too many questions?


9 Responses to Photoshop for nerds

  1. pagz says:

    I spy with my little eye:

    1- The Discovery from 2001
    2- Babylon 5
    3- The Rodger Young from Starship Troopers
    4- Space Battleship Yamato
    5- Super Dimension Fortress Macross
    6- Serenity from Firefly
    7- The USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (possibly A, hard to tell at this size)
    8- The Red Dwarf
    9- USS Sulaco from Aliens
    10- The Millennium Falcon from Star Wars
    11- The Nostromo from Alien
    12- Here’s where it gets tricky. I see a few ships which may or may not be from something besides BSG. I think I see what might be the Royal Starship from Naboo. I also see a ship that looks very similar to the ISSCV troop transport from Space: Above and Beyond. There’s also a ship I can’t identify right below the Serenity.

    Still, I think I’ve nerded it up pretty good here.

  2. tekering says:

    Impressive, my friend! As I deliberately restricted myself to one in-joke reference per TV or movie serial, you can be assured there are no Naboo ships (nor any other Star Wars elements apart from the famous Falcon) there… and I also made sure they were all human spacecraft, in keeping with the Galactica mythos. You have, however, correctly identified the mysterious ship below the Serenity as being one of those foreign to the Galactica universe, although it could be seen weekly on television during the original Battlestar: Galactica series run… just not North American, television, that is! In fact, 25 YEARS would pass before that particular vessel would first be shown to American television audiences.

    How’s that for a hint?

  3. pagz says:

    I’m stumped

  4. tekering says:

    More hints? Well, it’s a prototype Earth Federation carrier, often called the “Wooden Horse” by enemy forces lacking proper intel. While it’s primarily designed for space warfare, it saw a great deal of action on Earth (all the way from Northern Europe to South America), and saw extensive combat in the middle East and Africa before finally returning to space. It was in service for barely a year before its destruction, principally under the command of this man and a crew consisting of raw recruits and civilians, escorting a small contingent of colonial refugees that were unwelcome pretty much wherever they went!

  5. pagz says:

    Okay, I think I’ve got it. That be a gundam vessel. Whitebase?

  6. tekering says:

    It is indeed! That’s the White Base, the Pegasus-class prototype under the command of Noah Bright. Did you recognize his Federation uniform?

    In other news, what’s up with Geoffrey Today?

  7. CD says:

    Looks like the Enterprise A to me.

  8. Isolder74 says:

    I see the Red Dwarf.

  9. Scott Baxter says:

    I presume you know (especially after so many years have passed) that the original series USS Enterprise actually was (barely) visible in the background of the series in at least one image similar to this one. Also, a Firefly-class ship like the Serenity can be seen landing in the background during the miniseries — it’s in the scene where not-yet-President Roslin gets her diagnosis, prior to the Cylon attack.

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