The new 1:5000 scale Macross SDF-1 has arrived!

Arguably the most expensive toy I’ve purchased to date (at least, relative to its size), this plastic-and-diecast Macross SDF-1 replica (based on the movie re-design, rather than the original Macross TV version) is also one of the finest pieces in my collection. Having only recently learned of this “Movie color” repaint version, I decided this was something I had to have! Not wanting to spend in excess of $200 on it, however, I waited until I found one for sale on Yahoo! Japan auctions for Â¥11500… Still mighty pricey, given its underwhelming size. At under 30cm in length, this “super-dimensional fortress” is anything but!

Despite the limited depth-of-field, however, you can make out the level of detail in both the sculpt and paint applications…

The stand it comes with is one of the sturdiest and most reliable I’ve ever used.

The transformation from cruiser to battle configuration is surprisingly complex, and yields wonderful results:

The main gun firing gates are adjustable, of course.

The proportions are extremely accurate to the animation model sheets, resulting in a shape that suggests a massive scale (despite the actual size of the toy).

Thankfully, I have plenty of other little 1:5000 scale Star Trek and Yamato starships to display it with!


2 Responses to The new 1:5000 scale Macross SDF-1 has arrived!

  1. pagz says:

    Covet covet covet!

  2. Paul says:

    That SDF-1 looks freaken sweet

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